Carbon Monoxide Sensor In A Mobile Gadget From Apple


You may have heard of poison gas, one of the many reasons why you get your heating fixed whenever an issue comes up. Reports revealed that apple is thinking about developing a mobile gadget that has a built-in carbon monoxide sensor. This new feature may be added to the future versions of iPads, Apple Watches and iPhones. With the help of the new technology, users will be warned if it detects any sign of carbon monoxide in the air along with a number of poisonous chemicals.

These days, it is inevitable to breathe in polluted air especially those who are living in areas where the air is already considered unhealthy. Pollution from modern machines such as cars, factories, trains and power plants are released into the atmosphere everyday and these are microscopic particles that can’t be seen by the naked eyes.

If you are not aware of the danger of carbon monoxide, you should know that this poisonous gas is not only invisible but also odorless and tasteless therefore you will never know if you are already inhaling it into your lungs. It is very fatal when breathe in at very high levels. In the United States, there are around 20,000 emergency room cases annually leading to deaths of 400 unsuspecting victims.

As soon as the gas passes through the bloodstream, it combines with the haemoglobin which prevents it from pushing oxygen into the organs and the tissues in the entire body. This leads to death of the cells and the bad news is that in many cases the symptoms are not visually evident.

There are many sources of carbon monoxide gas and the appliances we use on a daily basis at home are included on the list – gas ovens, boilers, central heating system and anything that burns fuel.

According to a patent that was proposed by Apple, the company is planning to embed physical gas sensor into their mobile gadgets. It can detect other harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide among many others. While the tech is not out yet, make sure to get your heating fixed when you suspect any problem to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.