21st Century Furniture For Modern Classrooms


It has been 18 years since the new millennium began but the state of our classrooms are still the same as many decades ago. Efforts have been made to make the learning environment catch up with the modern times but still we are far from the end goal considering the technology we now have. Majority of the classrooms are still traditional and even high school furniture are not designed to adapt in this modern era.

The silver lining is that things are starting to move forward albeit very slowly. There is an increasing number of school districts that are pushing to change the outdated furniture they are using with modern and smart furniture choices.

The school settings are now centered on the learners that these flexible furniture and equipment are right for creating the ideal setup for students. The learners are given more control inside the classroom, they are able to move naturally and they can take much needed breaks. Their knowledge no longer depends on the teacher alone as they act are now referred to as facilitators and other sources are already available. This setup leads to better academic results for students than the traditional approach.

What does it take to have a classroom worthy of the 21st century? The first order of business is to have smart furniture which means that a single piece of furniture must be used in more than one purpose alone. There should be a desk intended for each student to work on. These single desks can be combined in two to four which can be used when they work as a group during classroom activities. Combining eight or more of the singled desks then gives students a space where they can conduct debate or do group activities with larger audience.

To make sure that the desk can be used for other purposes, it should be able to transform into a mobile whiteboard. This is important for high school furniture to be able to adapt in various activities and needs of the students. The chairs can also act as another storage space under it where students can keep their backpacks during class.