3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Large Floor Tiles


Wondering what tile size to use for your flooring? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider installing larger size tiles:

  1. Large floor tiles make a small room look bigger. Yes, you read it right. The larger the tiles installed, the larger the room would look. This is because when our eyes see it, it gives stimulation to our brain and perceives it as a large space. The same reasoning why small tiles give us the impression that the room is small. Consider this as your daily dose of optical illusion, rather a trick. No sorcery, just pure science.
  2. For sanitary reason, it is easier for it to clean. It has fewer grout lines compare to small tiles which are prone to dirt. Imagine one afternoon you accidentally spill your tea, the liquid will scatter on the floor, thanks to its large size there are just few grout lines to stick on. If the same thing happens to a floor with small tiles and has plenty of grout lines, it will be harder for you to clean it. So you will make sure that nothing is left before it dries out and stick hard.
  3. It is cheaper. It is not literal that every single tile is cheaper than the smaller one, but if you compute the number of tiles to be used it will cost you less in using large floor tiles. It will also save you time installing it since it will require fewer tiles to occupy the whole space. And as for its maintenance, it is easier to maintain its original look compared to small ones. This will let you save more because of longer replacements.

If you are still not convinced, try consulting your trusted interior designer or architect. They will just affirm the reasons above. And who knows, they might even add more reasons for you to be persuaded. In the end, it’s still a matter of choice. If these reasons are enough for you, then be it. If not, then try researching more. You might find what you are looking for to convince yourself.