A Hope For A Better CRA Audit Protection


Audit protection brings peace of mind. If the return is reassessed or audited by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the review of the tax return will fall in the hands of an H&R Block Tax Expert. The tax expert can help meet the required adjustments and extend a helping hand with the correspondence.

There are some situations that the CRA audit protection service is especially helpful. The situations include the following:

  • When the tax return undergoes auditing.
  • When a reassessment must be done on the tax return.
  • When the amounts that have been filed and the ones in the notice of assessment do not match.
  • When the owner of the tax return received a notification that his tax return is being reviewed under the special or matching assessment program, under processing review, or there’s a pre-assessment of the tax return.

If the tax return encounters any of the given situations, H&R Block will transfer the document to an online Tax Expert who will provide the needed technical support. The tax expert will remain focused on the ongoing investigation of the tax return. The assigned H&R Block Tax Expert does not represent the owner of the tax return, assist in drafting a good defence strategy, or give legal advice.

Benefits of Purchasing Audit Protection

There are Audit Protection services that offer online tax software. It is suggested to purchase the software that gives comprehensive protection. It is recommended to do this before filing the tax return to enjoy a lot of advantages.

Aside from getting the Audit Protection, the tax return filer also gets a lot of perks that can help him file the return with confidence. It includes visual tax summary, chat and phone support, and others.

There are software packages that come with Audit Protection. This can bring more value to the filer’s money. Purchasing the Audit Protection separately after filing the tax return can cost more.

With the help of modern technology, the software that provides CRA Audit Protection can be further improved. Hopefully, it can be acquired for a cheaper price or for free.