A Look At How Technology Is Changing Online Ads

The advertising industry is only one of the many industries drastically changed by the developments of technology. From digital ads, videos, and King Kong digital marketing reviews, technological developments change the industry on a near-constant basis.

Experts say that this has become a bit of a double-edged sword; developments in technology have made it easier to advertise, with greater reach, but, at the same time, it’s also made advertising so ubiquitous that they need something special to get them to stand up and take notice.


The latest technological advancements have provided a greater stage for all advertising, especially good, creative advertising. It’s now easier than ever for advertisers to find and track their target audience.

New platforms and tech are coming out, some of which might not be good for King Kong digital marketing reviews and the like at first glance, but can be quite useful in the hands of creative advertising teams, like augmented reality.

Social media and mobile

Pew Research Center says that, as of 2017, 69% of all adults in the US have used at least one social media platform. Naturally, this means that social media is a prime place for ads, which is why the major platforms like Facebook all have ad systems.

The best ads on social media all take into account geolocation technology found in mobile devices, letting hyperlocal ads get to the users in their immediate vicinity.

Video is also rapidly growing, with data showing that viewers are 1.4x more likely to look at and share ads on mobile devices.