A Look At The Latest Pest Control Technologies


Innovation is a key part of any industry, and pest control is no different. While the classic pesticide is still around and still very much useful, there are other developments which help ensure that issues don’t escalate to ever need those kinds of measures.

For the most part, there’s nothing wrong with the methods and technology that Exterminators Now Green River and the like use, but creating new and better methods is always a benefit, not just for the people in the industry and their customers, but for everyone.

Here’s a few innovations.

The Internet of Things

One of the most cutting-edge concepts currently in the world’s lexicon is the internet of things (IoT), which is the term used to cover connecting computer devices and machines with each other, and with people, using the internet.

On the pest control front, this allows for the automation of pest control. Specifically, traps and devices that possess monitoring capabilities are becoming more and more common, covering things like camera-enabled pest traps, as well as automated insect monitoring devices (AIM).

These are useful as they connect to each other, to their owner, and to the pest control expert. That means that, if you’ve got a contract with Exterminators Now Green River or the like, they’ll be up-to-date of any issues with pests in your house, which could make all the difference.

Canine detection

Considering how useful dogs are at sniffing stuff out, the fact that pest control only added it fairly recently is a bit of a surprise. Nevertheless, it’s an effective, environmentally-friendly method that also allows for some pet bonding, as dogs are effective at sniffing out live bugs and eggs with high accuracy, and the time spent with the dog sniffing stuff out is time spent with the dog, which they like.

Birth control

With greater environmental awareness in the world today, pesticides are a bit of an iffy prospect for pest control. As such, birth control was developed. This is when chemicals or radiation are used to sterilize pests in order to cut down their numbers in the long run.

Insects are hit with radiation by scientists, which sterilize them during their larval stage. Meanwhile, chemical baits are used in traps for providing rodent birth control. The methods are different, but the goal is the same; by rendering pests unable to reproduce, their primary means of fighting against pest control and their naturally short life cycles, their numbers are cut down.