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Richard A Davis

Richard Davis is one of the famous bloggers in the World Wide Web focusing on technology. It has always been his dream to provide her audience with the latest and most talked about technology and other related information which will educate people with what they should know. After more than 5 years of providing the best information for tech geeks and enthusiasts, he has been recognized for a lot of technology blog awards from top technology site awards to being on top of the technology leaderboard websites.


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Keep You Up-to-date
Pod Shifter provides information that are up-to-date. Before a technology news can even turn viral, we, at Pod Shifter, give our best effort to have the latest news about technology and deliver them directly right to your monitor.

Provide Simple and Readable Format
While the technology industry can be very complicated, we make sure that you have information on your monitor organized in a readable format where you will be able to digest it easily and simply.

Deliver Interesting and Interactive Posts
Expect to read interesting posts which also have interactive media tools like videos and high quality images. With our posts, you won’t be bored since they are interactive yet informative at the same time.

Featured Technology Blogs
We, at Pod Shifter, believe that sharing knowledge and information will always be a priority and an excellent thing which is why we also feature other tech blogs which we believe are worth featuring in our site.