Add An Interactive Map On Your Website


The word interactive has been used by many people to pinpoint a feature in a website such as an interactive map but these are actually data-driven graphics. As a rule, each and every website is considered interactive because users have the freedom to click and perform actions inside it. So what is the reason many clients are asking for features such interactive maps? This is because data-driven graphics are useful in making readers understand complex information. If you have complex data to present, this is the best way to make users understand and analyze them easily. There is also a simpler option in the form of illustrated maps which we will discuss later on.

There are various tools you can use when adding interactive map on your website. The most commonly used tool is Google’s My Maps which pinpoints a list of locations. When clicked on, this links lead to different pages. The simple interface allows you to create a number of maps and then incorporate it into your website.

The second option for creating data-drive graphics is called Mapbox. This tool is quite powerful because you have the capacity to create custom maps. This tool is ideally for developers and if you are not experienced in the field of website creation, it is not recommended for you despite being such a powerful tool.

Snazzy Maps is used if you want to change the style of the current Google map base. This tool is more towards making the map and focusing on its details rather than the data which eventually gets lost in the process. This tool is recommended if you want to add a map for aesthetics purposes rather than providing simple data.

If Google Maps is too complicated for you, you can use MapKit. This is quite new thus there are still a lot of rooms for improvements. Aside from that, the tool is worth checking out. The MapKit can be used to make maps, incorporate the maps on the website and even work alongside Snazzy Maps.

You can also opt for a simpler alternative to interactive map, the illustrated maps which are effective in providing information. The user can add texts and icons with ease. The only downside is that it is not recommended for data that changes very often because updating is not as easy.