Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Technology In Education


One cannot deny the fact that technology has become a part of every activity that one is engaged in. Whether you are in the business world, in politics, in sports or even in the academe, the influence of technology is there.

As one can observe in kindergarten schools or universities, teachers or professors use the power of technology in relaying information to their students. Lessons are now flashed on screen. Textbooks are being replaced with tablets or other high end gadgets.

So what benefits can we reap in using technology in our children’s education?

Information are more accessible

The internet is a vast pool of researches, textbooks, updated news and any other information that you want to learn. Using the search engines, one is able to access information of a particular subject immediately.

When the internet was not yet made available to the public, one has to go the library to research on a certain topic. To some extent, this is very time consuming and frustrating especially if your library does not have enough resources on your topic. However, with technology, everything is just a click away.

Technology helps teachers in their lesson presentation

Before, we made use of chalkboards and manila papers. Today, the teachers could now use projectors and power point presentations in presenting their lessons to students. They can incorporate animations and colors to it which would make it more appealing to the new generation.

The use of technology also helps when one is tutoring. You are able to explain clearly the topic through the use moving images and other presentations on computers.

Now, let us look at the other side of the coin. What are the disadvantages of using technology in schools?


When students use gadgets in school, they have the tendency to open websites which are not related to the lesson. They get easily tempted to open that social media site. While the teacher is discussing, the students may not listen and play games instead.


With the use of the internet, students can now easily look up a solution for a mathematical problem. Or they can program and store in their gadgets the formulas or equation to a problem.