Apple And Goggle Collaborate On A Contact Tracing System


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Meanwhile, reviews of Apple iOS 13.7 will help users decide whether to update or not. The recently launched iOS 13.7 includes a feature that allows users to opt-in to the Covid19 Exposure Notifications system without the need to download the app.

Both Apple and Google have collaborated on a Covid19 contact tracing system to help protect people from the dreaded coronavirus. If a user turns on the Exposure Notification system, Public Health Authority will notify the person of possible exposure to the coronavirus. The feature will not collect or share exposure notification data without permission.

Previously, a user has to download a dedicated app from a local public health organization. Now, it works on the operating system level. A similar feature will be added by Google on devices running on Android 6.0.

The technology is also based on Bluetooth that detects when 2 smartphones come within 2 metres for a specific period of time to determine whether the user has been exposed to the coronavirus. The feature is one of the reasons for Apple users to upgrade to iOS 13.7.

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