Benefits Of Cloud Migration For Healthcare


43Many organizations are moving towards cloud computing in healthcare to save on the cost of on-site IT infrastructure development. Initially, the new cloud infrastructure will require a big investment but later on, the cloud service will be less expensive to maintain making to easier to justify to stakeholders.

Budget restrictions on information technology is the typical reason why healthcare organizations do not invest in advancing infrastructure technology that will help in improving workflow and patient care. According to Damointel report, modernizing IT infrastructure will be the ideal solution to healthcare organizations.

Migration to the cloud is one of the top IT infrastructure areas that organizations should invest in. However, there are concerns on the still to be proven returns on investment and the costs of maintaining existing technology investments. This obstacle usually arises due to financial concerns. Organizations have to spend money to ensure that their IT infrastructure will be able to handle new technology. However, increased spending is usually due to negligence of technology usage.

One of the investments that organizations need to make is the upgrading of dated wireless networks to be able to accommodate the increase in data flow. They also need to expand data storage in the cloud. At least 67% of the respondents to a Clutch survey plans to increase their cloud spending to achieve a more flexible and scalable environment for a business.

Nearly half or 48% of the respondents plan to increase their cloud budgets between 11 % and 30% with 19% planning a budget increase from 31% to 50%. 23% expects their cloud budgets to remain flat.8% will reduce their cloud budgets while 2% are uncertain.

In some instances, increased budgets are not always unintentional or wanted because a business may be paying more than what they actually expected. Cloud computing is often advertised as cheap but if the usage increases, the price dramatically jumps up.

Clinics and hospitals can expect to benefit from cloud computing in healthcare because it is an effective and efficient way to store and manage the patient’s vital data. Cloud-based platforms are safe and secure without the associate risks of managing an in-house data system.