Big Opportunities For Small Brands During The Pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States, brands that sell mainly through the web suddenly found themselves being overwhelmed by customers. Since brick-and-mortar stores were shut down, Americans went online for goods, clothes, and other essentials. Customers ranged from the young ’20s to almost everyone.

Direct-to-consumer brands found it easy to target new customers. Online retailers flooded social media with advertisements focused on younger audiences. Others advertised through television and direct mail to win shoppers that they could not engage with online. Advertising rates went down and created a big opening for smaller brands.

Not only do smaller brands have an opportunity to reach a new demographic; they have started to gain the interest of older shoppers who were more loyal to certain stores. Since many of the older shoppers have shopped at the same stores for decades, it can be assumed that will be as devoted to an online brand.

One example is Tecovas in Austin, Texas that sells handmade cowboy boots. It was expected that demand will be reduced because there were no occasions where people will wear new cowboy boots. However, the company’s sales increased by 10% because of digital advertising that reached new customers effectively. Since digital advertising rates were down, marketing costs per customer declined by about a quarter.

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