Bit Torrent Live Is Finally Available Through iOS


Cable companies set up infrastructures with expensive wires and satellites in order to deliver low latency live content through television. Because the cable companies own the infrastructures, they rule television as well as the subscriber. They can dictate how much the subscriber should pay so that channel owners will allow them access.

There are few options for live distribution that is why cable companies can charge subscribers exorbitant amounts particularly if they are the only distribution outlet in town. Bit Torrent is innovative technology that can efficiently move large files across the internet. Bit Torrent has now done for live video what it managed to do with file download. Instead of using cables and satellites, Bit Torrent piggybacks on the internet bandwidth of users.

Peer-to-peer or P2P live streaming is more affordable than traditional ways of delivering live content so that Bit Torrent could offer free content to viewers or for cheaper price than cable subscription. The transfer technology including the app that aggregates the channels are called Bit Torrent Live.

Now it is almost year since the protocol debuted on Smart TV and six months after it was supposed to be introduced to the iPhone, the Bit Torrent Live app has become available on iOS. Until now, the app has existed only on Mac, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, platforms that are not really that popular.

Through the app, a user can access 15 channels live including NASA TV, France One, QVC Home and This Week in Tech (TWiT). Latency is only about 10 seconds which is faster than terrestrial cable and Sling TV that delays content for more than a minute. However, there is still a problem with Bit Torrent Live; its channel selection is lackluster. Bit Torrent has to strike a deal with name-brand channels and offer pay-per-view for a cheaper price than traditional television.

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