Brembo Brakes Of The Future

Everything evolves, and that includes the braking systems for cars. A defective car braking system is not only putting the driver in danger, but it is also endangering the lives of pedestrians. Brembo, an Italian company that specializes in automotive brake systems, is pursuing a revolution in the brake systems.

It would be nice if other auto parts today would suddenly evolve into something that may only be seen in the future. In the past, people thought that the idea of mobile phones was something fascinating and absurd. Today, most people (including the young ones) own a mobile phone. Some even own a number of mobile phones for different uses – for personal, business, home, etc.

Different Braking Systems

A braking system is different from a brake. The actual brake is the mechanical equipment that the braking system uses to carry out the method. The braking system is a sort of style of braking. The most common types of braking systems are:

  1. Hydraulic Braking System

This type of system works on friction, cylinders, and brake fluid. The creation of pressure within the system pushes the brake pads to prevent the wheels from moving. Proper, regular maintenance must be observed to ensure the proper functioning of the brake system at all times.

  1. Mechanical Braking System

This type of braking system is the one responsible for the emergency brake or hand brake. There are mechanical linkages where the brakes are applied. This requires an immediate and quick action of the driver to activate the mechanism.

  1. Servo Braking System

This type of braking system is also called vacuum-assisted braking or simply vacuum. The pressure that the driver applies to the pedal is augmented.

  1. Electromagnetic Braking System

Many hybrid and new models of vehicles use this type of braking system. An electric motor is used to activate the electromagnetic brakes to force the vehicle to stop.

Brembo is keen on giving a car braking system a real transition. For almost twenty years, the Italian company has remained focused on developing a complete solution for the revolution in the transportation industry. It would be nice if the auto parts manufacturers join in the revolution.