Brisbane Solar Power – What Brisbane Residents Should Know Before Purchasing


Solar energy for residential use is gaining popularity recently. The system is usually installed on the roofs to acquire sunlight via solar panels that convert the sun’s energy into electricity and go through a control device enabling it to power electrical items. The electricity then passes through a breaker box to outlets in the house where appliances such as refrigerators or lamps can be plugged in. With the right system size, you can self-sustain your electricity needs and be totally independent of electricity expenses.


The market for solar power in Brisbane is currently in a boom. This created a number of reputable solar panel companies all over Brisbane and with very competitive prices. It is also good to note that the federal government offers discounts for installation depending on size and location. But there are also a lot of dubious companies selling solar panels taking advantage of the market’s currently buoyant state. Be wary of telemarketers that offer deals but not disclosing the brands of the equipment they are selling. This usually means that they are selling low-quality parts and equipment, and may not honour warranties. It would be best to visit the companies personally and speak with actual electricians or electrical engineers who possess the right accreditation in this field. The best way is to go with a full solar power service and installation company. Most of these companies for solar power in Brisbane offer financing generally, installation by licensed electricians with years of experience, have backup stocks for parts repair and replacements, offer maintenance services and immediate visits after storms, and most likely to be able to honour warranties. They also have leaned towards brand names to ensure quality.

Site visit

It is strongly recommended to schedule a site visit for roof assessment and to discuss installation options available. Installation is critical as this determine the highest possible yield and efficiency of the solar panel system. Always ask for computation and summary of power output and match with the pattern of power consumption as seen on previous electric bills.

Full component listing

Ask for the complete listing of brand names and manufacturers of each component: solar panels, solar inverters, and racking system. Most companies offer a 25-year warranty so aim for that as well.