Canada Gets Remote Process Service App For Courts


With people stuck at home due to COVID-19, how they handle their daily affairs have changed. It’s been hard for professions and fields that require face-to-face meetings and travel, and the law has been no exception.

Law firms like have had to hold online consultations, which work well, but documents still need to be submitted and processed.

Thankfully, Canada recently saw the launch of the new Court Runner app, an on-demand mobile app that tracks the progress of their documents, and any related services and activities in real-time. The app connects people with the professionals who deal with the process-serving system, ensuring that any involved parties are updated with regards to processes and documentation.

The company behind the app, Court Runner Inc. released a statement on the matter, saying that their assumption is that people aren’t in the office anymore due to COVID-19 restrictions. In such a situation, the old ways of ordering service of process wouldn’t hold up too well. The app is particularly relevant now, where firms like, legal experts, and clients have to handle legal affairs via mobile and/or digital means.

Court Runner is designed to aid in making serving legal papers easy, accessible, efficient, transparent, and, most importantly, legally valid. Traditionally, people would have to engage in process serving themselves, which costs time, effort, and resources, as they would have to ask their firms to handle the matter, which naturally leads to additional costs.

The app can also handle the ordering of court filings so that users can have their documents properly entered in the official record of any proceedings that they’re dealing with. There’s also assistance for users dealing with the affidavit of service, in order to ensure that people are informed that their legal papers have been properly sent and received, and that they can move forward with their legal proceedings.

Court Runner Inc. stated that process servers are mobile now, so they thought about letting people order process service via their smartphone, allowing them to be just as mobile. With people forced to stay at home due to COVID, that’s all the more paramount.