Client Portal Software For Secure Lawyer-Client Interaction

Prior to the pandemic, the legal industry had a choice on when to use technology when dealing with their clients. When the coronavirus pandemic infiltrated everybody’s life, law firms were left with no choice but re-evaluate and adopt digital technology in their law practice. The digital strategy that law firms like Donich Law will choose to implement will be detrimental to their success in the new normal.

A technology that should be included in every law firm’s plan in the client portal software particularly for lawyers who are working from home. Client portal software allows a lawyer to interact with his client in a secure online setting. However, the client must have internet access when logging in to the law firm’s portal to share and review documents or send messages.

The coronavirus pandemic has shown law firms that physical office locations and sophisticated firm lobbies are n longer as important as they used to be. Clients no longer desire in-person meetings with their lawyers. The simplicity offered by client portals is the best way for secure client-lawyer communications. The client portal will be the primary location where clients will go essentially making it the new lobby of the law firm.

Security is very important for lawyer-client interactions and shared documents. Nowadays, emails can be hacked. Even if great care is undertaken by the law firm for its protection, there is no assurance that the client is doing the same at his end. Since communication is encrypted in the client portal, protection is provided at both ends.

Since the client portal will become the central location for communication, lawyers no longer need to monitor multiple communication channels like emails, cell phones and direct lines. Since the client portal is available 24/7, clients can access, review and leave feedback on documents related to their case on their own schedule. They stay informed even without contacting the lawyer.

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