Corporate Team Building Activities: 4 Tips That Work


Conducting a team building event can be challenging especially if your organization is big. Organizations have two options; you can hire a team of facilitators to conduct the event or search on the internet for ideas on how to go about the event on your own. One benefit of hiring professional facilitators is they have the skills and training to conduct corporate team building activities so you get the assurance that your event will be productive.

When you hire a team of facilitators, you have to fill out a form for the facilitators to know your requirements and expectations on the event. Here are some ideas on what to keep in mind as you fill out the form for you to have an effective team building activity with expert facilitators.

Determine your activity goals 

If you want to make your team building activity productive, integrate the positive changes that you want to achieve for your organization. Identify your goals in order for the team of facilitators to come up with games and activities that are aligned to these goals. You can indicate at least three to four objectives for your corporate team building activitiesso for the facilitators to design an event suited to your objectives.

Check your organizational values

It is important that team members fully understand the core values of their organization. Otherwise, there would be a need for them to revisit these values to get the organization back on track. Having activities that remind the employees of their roles and the values of the organization will make them better and more functional employees.

Suitable for everyone

When designing a team building activity, make sure that its games and exercises can be participated by everyone. Find out how you can include those with special considerations to the activities such as pregnant women, those with physical disabilities or employees with medical conditions.

Suited activities for the venue

To ensure that you will have effective corporate team building activities, pick a conducive venue for the event. Take a look at the type of activities designed by the facilitators and consider them as you pick your choice for venue.