Covid19 Pandemic Forces Lawyers To Quickly Adapt To Technology

The information that you found here is very important when you are accused of a crime. A criminal lawyer can help you navigate the legal system which is confusing and overwhelming for an ordinary person. There are evidences to gather, paperwork to file and questions to be answered. Life would be less stressing with the support of your lawyer.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced lawyers across the world to switch to digital ways of working. Some have become faster in adopting to technology whether in signing legal documents electronically or attending virtual court hearings.

According to a Singapore-based law firm, when Covid19 happened, they were not flabbergasted because they already had the technology and tools in place. All the legal documents are online and easily accessible to their clients through mobile phone or laptop. The firm’s phones were web-enabled with apps that allow the lawyers to record the time spent in working with different clients.

As the pandemic took hold, law firms had to improve their IT capabilities. They had to bring in new technology like the multi-party conferencing platform Zoom. Virtual whiteboards and parallel chat rooms became the norm. Artificial intelligence and algorithms were used to evaluate a lawyer’s chances to succeed.

UK courts have embraced virtual proceedings but court service has to ensure that all judges could join conference calls by telephone. At least 80% of London’s High Court hearings take place in a virtual setting. It is very unlikely for courts to revert to the life before February 2020. Virtual courts have become popular among many clients because they feel more engaged online.

Before the pandemic, Singapore courts allowed lawyers to make applications through video link but it is unclear whether full trials will be allowed remotely like what is happening in the UK. Virtual hearings have their advantages because witnesses can testify remotely without being intimidated.

Information found here allows you to understand criminal and legal procedures but it does not mean that you can defend yourself in court. You still need a criminal lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and evaluate evidence in your favor.