Different Types Of Motion Sensors Used In Home Alarm Systems


A motion sensor is an important component of a security system. It is the main part of the alarm system which senses motion and alerts you and the main control centre. A motion sensor starts working when you tell the security system about your absence from the home. Motion sensors perform various other functions, apart from safeguarding your home, like triggering the doorbell when someone enters the gate, reducing energy costs by switching off the lights in unused areas, notifying you when your kids or pets enter any restricted areas of the house and so on.

With so many important functions motion sensors are undoubtedly important parts of home alarm systems in Perth, which have multiple uses. There are different types of motion sensors used in security systems.

  • Passive infrared sensors – These sensors are the most commonly used type in home alarm systems. These sensors work by detecting the body heat and movement in a particular area. It creates a protective grid around your home and sounds an alarm if the grid is broken.
  • Microwave sensors – This type of sensors are more expensive than infrared sensors but provide protection over larger areas. They measure the movement by sending out microwave impulses and measuring their reflections.
  • Dual Technology Motion sensors – This is an advanced feature for home security systems. These sensors use both infrared and Microwave sensors to provide efficient protection for your home. Dual Technology sensors trigger lesser false alarms when compared to the infrared and Microwave sensors.
  • There are other motion sensors like Ultrasonic and vibration sensors, but they are not used as much as infrared and dual technology sensors in home security systems.

Majority of the home alarm systems in Perth use a combination of the motion sensors to provide effective protection for your home from intruders and accidents. These sensors have advanced features like wireless communication with other devices, immunity to pets and animals of a pre determined height. It lessens false alarms caused by active pets. With touch sensitive alarms to know when something comes in contact with your doors or windows, when you are away, and video motion sensors that can be programmed to record suspicious movements.