Electrical Engineers And Their Contribution In Health Care


Electrical engineers are individuals who have undertaken a professional task which is to dedicate their time and knowledge into improving the current electrical system as well as find solutions to electrical problems. They are the reasons why many of the industries nowadays are operating with powerful as well as long term solution to electrical problems. They are also dedicated into solving many different kind of problems related to their fields.

One of the biggest industries which has benefited from the skills of electrical engineers is health care. Because of the recent innovations, doctors together with other medical professions are able to care for their patients through the use of medical equipment that are far advanced. This type of equipment are not available decades ago and made a huge different in the field of medicine. Patients have more options and majority of the diseases nowadays are curable because of these innovations. Starting from the early 50th century, the health care industry has been impacted positively by the advancement made possible by electrical engineers. Majority of medical professionals have the belief that future electrical engineers will be able to contribute more to the current health care industry thus they will be able to help more patients in the process.

It was in 1958 when the portable peacemaker was invented which can be worn by the patient externally. In 1960, a heart valve was made out of silicone and satellite-21 alloy while in the same year the implanted peacemaker was developed.

In 1962, the orthopedic department experienced a major breakthrough because of the development of a low friction and high density polythene as well as bone metal cement that was utilized in hip replacement surgeries. The CT scanner machine was introduced in 1970 and ten years later, the slow release drug which is used in chemotheraphy was developed. 1983, on the other hand, saw the invention of 3D printer.

Majority of the hospitals nowadays are employing wireless mechatronics. According to data, 86 per cent are using cell phones, 83 per cent are utilizing mobile workstations, 82 per cent employs PDA or tablets, and 47 per cent used RFID devices while 33 per cent make use of wireless ID. All of these are possible because of electrical engineers. Contact an Electrical Contractor in Perth for any electrical problems you encounter at home to get long term and safe solutions.