Emerging Trends In Funeral Planning


Losing a loved family member or friend is a devastating experience. Organizing the funeral service is an emotionally overwhelming experience. The memorial service or funeral should honour the life and accomplishments of the deceased person. As time changes, the trends in funeral planning also change. Know about some of the popular trends in funeral planning by going through this article.

Water cremation

The trend of water cremation is slowly catching momentum. Water cremations are preferred because they do not require the fossil fuels as in the case of normal cremation. Most of the reputed funeral directors in Sydney, arrange water cremation or Bio cremation facilities. The water cremation uses an alkali solution and water to break the body down.

At Home Funerals

The trend of At Home funerals is growing in popularity. This process enables the family of the deceased person to take part in the death care and funeral service. At Home funeral process allows the family members and close ones of the deceased person to experience and grieve the loss by direction interaction with the physical remains.

Interactive headstones with QR codes

The interactive headstones are embedded with QR codes, which can be scanned through smart phones to know about the life of the deceased person. This process allows to immortalize the life and achievements of the person forever.

Crowdfunded funeral services

Funeral services are necessary but they tend to be expensive affairs. When the family of a deceased person cannot bear the funeral expenses, they turn to friends for help. Funeral directors report an increasing popularity of seeking financial help from the community by creating accounts in funeral crowdfunding websites.

Green funerals

With increasing awareness about environment protection, green burials or funerals are gaining popularity. Water burials and green burials are an example of green funerals. In this method, the caskets are made of bio-degradable materials and are directly buried into the earth. The body along with the casket decomposes and turns into earth with the passage of time. A flat gravestone or a tree is planted on the burial site as a grave marker. As per the reports of funeral directors in Sydney, families choose to bury the deceased within the premises of their home and feel their presence with the growing trees.