Enhanced Security Through Biometric Gun Safe

One of the latest technological developments in home gun safe installation is the use of built-in fingerprint scanners so that only authorized users can gain access. The use of keys and PIN codes can be risky because they can get lost and end up in the wrong hands. The underlying technology behind a biometric gun safe may be complex but the process is straightforward

A finger is placed on the scanner for recording. The device will recognize the fingerprint and will allow access to the safe. There is usually a master user who is in control over the fingerprints of persons who will be allowed access. If access is denied to a certain user, the fingerprint can be deleted. This type of security is more convenient for multiple users because there are no keys to be returned or PIN codes to reassign.

The number of users depends on the system; it can vary from 30 to a hundred. Some high-resolution scanners have dramatically reduced the frequency of errors which were present in the earlier models. An interesting addition to the biometric gun safes is the smartphone app that can record whoever has accessed the contents of the safe. The app will provide a warning if there are failed attempts or if battery level is low.

Control of the biometric gun safe depends on the number of firearms that will be stored inside the safe and actual physical security. Smaller models of biometric gun safe can keep a single handgun secure. It usually includes a steel security cable that is fixed to an immovable object when unattended.

Larger models of biometric gun safes are fixed to the floor or wall to enhance security. However, the casing itself might offer very limited protection against a determined person who might use a crowbar or drill to remove the safe. If unauthorised access is very likely, thick steel doors or deadbolts can be used in the room where the gun safe is kept.

Aside from fingerprints, the retina, voice pattern, DNA or the shape of the ear lobes can be used for access identification in the biometric home gun safe installation. Precise scanning will ensure an error-free performance.