Experts Believe Tyre Oil Could Become Car Fuel Someday


We know very well that one of the most pressing issues these days is the huge amount of waste generated because of old tyres. Often these tyres are not disposed of properly and the companies paid b consumers to dispose them are only stocking them in a warehouse somewhere while others are disposing them in ways that could be harmful to the environment. There is good news for old Gold Coast tyres because tyre oil might become useful in powering vehicles one of these days.

The research is currently being conducted by teams from the Deakin University as well as Queensland University of Technology. They were able to successfully use the oil manufactured using old tyres and combine it with diesel before loading in a car employing diesel fuel. The first test was done in Brisbane and the success is good news for many.

The power of the tested vehicle was not altered by using the combination fuel. According to the laboratory tests conducted, the same levels of emissions were seen on the results.

The manufactured oil came from old tyres while the credit for developing the process used in creating the oil was given to Green Distillation Technologies, a company based in NSW.

The tests were spearheaded by Professor Richard Brown who is the director of the QUT Biofuel Engine Research Facility and Dr. Tim Bodisco who is working for Deakin University.

Professor Brown shared how the environmental waste issue created by discarded tyres is starting to balloon out of proportion because the material does not have the capacity to break down. Many of the residents living in warehouses used as tyre stockpiles are already complaining because of the risks it presents.

In the event that a fire starts in a stockpile facility, it would be almost impossible for the firefighters to extinguish it.

Mining companies are excited about this recent development because they are currently looking for ways to decrease the number of large tyres they have on stockpile which are discarded from their heavy-duty vehicles. It is also good news for businesses handling Gold Coast tyres because they know that the old tyres will be finally put to good use. The researchers are now trying to improve the oil they have made as it definitely needs some refining.