Eye Doctors Warn Against Too Much Use Of Gadgets


We already know that it is not healthy to stare at digital screens daily and an optometrist in Sutherland further affirms this message by saying that overexposure to gadgets like smartphones, computers, television and tablets will later on result to irreversible eye damage and a number of vision problems.

Furthermore, the body is negatively affected by the blue light coming from the said devices by disturbing the regular cycle it follows when it comes to waking up and sleeping. This is the reason why many people who are using digital devices daily have trouble sleeping nowadays. Blue light belongs in the visible light spectrum which has a short wavelength that carries high energy.

Prolonged gadget use does not only affect children but adults alike. Research has shown that it can lead to myopia or also known as near-sightedness, macular degeneration and computer vision syndrome. When a person is suffering from myopia, he or she will be able to see objects that are close in distance but those located farther will be blurred. This means the eye has lost the capacity to bend light correctly which means it is just centered on the front part of the retina.

People suffering this will experience difficulty identifying objects from a distance, eye strain, squinting and headache. It is common in children between 8 and 12 year old but it gets worse as they enter teenage years.

Computer vision syndrome or CVS occurs when a person is exposed to gadget for more than two hours. This happens because of the glare emitted by the digital screen, vision problems that were not corrected in time, poor lighting and not proper viewing distance. While there are reports that blue light is also a cause, no proper study has been conducted regarding this as proof.

With this in mind, an optometrist in Sutherland has recommended that people should refrain from using devices with blue light before bedtime or if necessary then limit itto between one and two hours at the most. If possible, the digital screen should be either LCD or LED and purchase anti-glare screen to further protect the eyes.