Food Packaging Of The Future


Food packaging’s purpose used to be making sure the food is clean and not contaminated and make eating easier. No one will put something in their mouth that looks unsafe. The technologies listed are some of the futuristic food packaging that might change the way people look at food.

1. Edible Food Packaging
After having a meal, people automatically throw out whatever packaging container their food is on. It is predicted that soon food are not the only thing eaten but its container as well. Yes, edible packaging is seen as the future of food packaging. A team of researchers from Harvard University, spearheaded by Professor David Edwards, was able to generate various edible food containers. The said containers are not only edible but tasty as well, they are called WikiCells. The idea was drawn from an apple fruit whose skin protects the inside but still edible. The team of researchers had invented a number of edible food and packaging – spinach membrane containing pumpkin soup, lemon juice inside a lemon membrane and cherry membrane which contains melted chocolate. Though Japan had already developed an edible candy wrapper made of rice called Bontan Ame, Edwards claimed that it could take a while before edible food packaging will be in the market and only a few options.

2. Micro Packaging
A team of researchers at the A&M University in Texas has invented the micro-film in food packaging using nanotechnology. The material used in making the micro-film is water, soluble polymer and clay particles in 70% solution. The material is said to be a thousand times thinner in comparison to a fibre of the human hair. Though the material used in making the film is from dirt, compare to plastic it is more eco-friendly. The film’s preservation quality is comparable to glass and can maintain the fizz in sodas than any other packaging currently available in the market.

3. Smart Packaging

Unsure whether the food is spoilt or not? Can’t decide whether it is still okay to consume it? There’s an answer for that, the electronic tongue that can taste whether a food is spoilt or contaminated. It is being developed by a team of researchers from various universities and company. It is called smart packaging because once the food is not ideal for eating, the packaging will change colour thereby signalling it is time to throw it away.