Free Google Advertising Through Frequent Positive Reviews

Do not be surprised to find a king kong advertising review on a business news site. Business reviews are published to help people, organizations, and economies to gain worthwhile ideas on strategies, innovations, and leadership.

What customers say about the brand carries more weight than advertisements that spreads your message to an audience. Because Google understands the value of customer reviews, it is factored into the local ranking algorithm. However, it is not the number of reviews that matter but their quality.

Google can impact the acquisition of new customers through their reputation and rank. The more customers are enticed to leave their feedback, the easier it will be to accomplish the business goals. The more reviews that a business receives, the more leads it generates.

According to studies, 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. It is very likely for a Google searcher to engage with a business that receives lots of positive reviews. In fact, consumers read a minimum of 10 reviews before making a confident decision.

Google also rewards businesses that have frequent positive reviews with higher page rank. Reviews are free and positive endorsements that help a business gain free Google advertising. Google has a tool for creating a shortcut link to get to the review section of Business Profile in just one step.

A full section or page can be dedicated to king kong advertising review on the website. The page must be easily accessible from the main navigation menu. The page should contain a CTA requesting feedback.