Guide In Choosing The Ideal SIM Only Plan

Many of the mobile phone users are only aware of their two options when it comes to dealing with phone bills – the pay monthly plan and the pay as you go plan. Without them realizing, there is another option available for everyone. This is not as popular mainly because it is fairly new and not well advertised. For those who wish to cut back on the cost of their mobile phone bills, the SIM only plan is a great option.

What is a SIM only plan? Judging by the name of the plan itself, one will be able to deduce that the deal will only give you a new SIM card. The thing that the consumer will be purchasing when availing the SIM only plan is the mobile services offered by a mobile network. This is only possible for those people who are already in possession of their own handset or is planning to buy one separately.

As with any plan, there are many advantages and disadvantage offered by the SIM only plan. The first advantage is that with the SIM only plan, the cost which you will be paying is not added with any handset cost unlike the regular plans wherein the cost of the handset is subsidized. With this in mind, the cost you will be paying is much cheaper but you will be getting the same amount of texts, calls and data allowance as that of a regular plan. Other inclusive bundles will also be way cheaper. Second advantage is that there is no 2-year long contract which is the norm in most regular plans. Usually, a SIM only plan is set for a 30-day only contract which requires consumer to give a 30-day notice prior to termination. Third advantage is that your old phone already contains all your contacts and necessary information and documents which need to be imported if you acquire a new phone.

There are only two disadvantages when it comes to SIM only plans such as 3 SIM only – first, you will need to have a current handset in order to use the mobile network’s services and second, if your phone is locked to a certain network and you want to switch then you will have to pay to get it unlocked.

There are pros and cons in every mobile phone plans but the best thing to do is to choose wisely.