Harley Partners With Alta For A New Electric Motorcycle


When it comes to service, nothing beats Honda motorcycle dealers in the UK because of their unmatched servicing department. Japanese giant Honda is producing high quality motorcycles that are being adopted all over the world including the United Kingdom. Honda has opened many opportunities for dealers by authorizing them to sell both new and used motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson has made an equity investment in Alta Motors to accelerate its dream of introducing an electric motorcycle to the market before 2020. Many other companies including the Japanese giants, Yamaha and Honda produce high quality electric scooters that are being adapted in China and other places.

Harley-Davidson is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the word but is gradually losing its market share because traditional riders have slowed down due to age. Harley-Davidson hopes that its partnership with Alta Motors will bring new riders into the sport.

California-based Alta Motors is a well known manufacturer of high performance electric street bikes and dirt bikes that have no clutch and gears. Their race bikes can be used by new riders without any difficulty.

The future electric motorcycle that will be launched by Harley is named LiveWire. The prototype which was unveiled in 2014 is stylish and obviously includes the Harley DNA in its design. However, it offers a poor combination of high top speed and low battery range. The future electric motorcycle is perfect for photo opportunities but it is unlikely to attract many buyers. The motorcycles that will be manufactured from the Harley-Alta partnership will be “urban electric motorcycles” but size, power and range have not yet been specified.

LiveWire will be entering an extremely competitive field with California Zero Motorcycles, Germany’s BMW and Italy’s Energica. The models are known for high performance with an excellent design and engineering that can be used for more practical purposes.

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