High-Tech Gadgets For The Bathroom


For any homeowner who wishes to give an update or upgrade to their bathrooms, here are some nifty gadgets that will ramp up the functionality and the style of the bath zone.


Application controlled automation systems


Smartphone apps have been very revolutionizing. These apps can even control automation systems in the bathrooms. With a touch of a button, homeowners can control lighting, temperature and even music.


High-tech tap


This high-tech tap is controlled using electronic sensors, and it also has a changing LED color light to indicate a change in water temperature.


This is especially helpful for kids to prevent burns or scalds. Aside from this, the lights will delight the youngsters.


Smart lighting


With the installation of sensor lights, energy is saved. Unlikely electricity usage is prevented due to its automatic on and off sensors.


Privacy glass


A switchable privacy glass enables a good amount of natural light to be captured without trading off that much needed privacy. Flicking the switch on, the floor-to-ceiling window will glaze over to shield the view from the outside.


Moving mirror image


For anyone who wishes to watch TV shows or catch up on news while in the bathroom, propping up a tablet on top of that Oak Bathroom Furniture or by the edge of a bath might leave the gadget falling in the water or damaged by steam. So, this option doesn’t work. An installation of a TV mirror is a good consideration.


Towel warming drawer


Integrating a towel warming drawer is helpful since a homeowner will no longer have to worry about kids getting into contact with something like a heated towel rail.


Showerhead with waterproof speakers


For those into karaoke, audiobooks or talk-back shows, a showerhead that has a waterproof speaker connecting wirelessly to smartphones, MP3 players, tablets or other Bluetooth devices is the solution. Not only is this for entertainment, it is also for functionality with its sixty angled nozzles and silicone spray head which is easy to clean.


Touch-free soap dispenser


These are more hygienic compared to the usual pump dispensers. Aside from this, this is more economical since it dispenses a specific amount only.