Home Security Systems: Clever Ways To Protect Your Homes


The following content was provided by ADT Alarm Systems. Having ones home protected is on top of most people’s list. Though you live in a fairly secured compound, you never know when the thieves will strike and take away your valuables. How do you secure your house? What are some of the practical ways that you can do in order to have a rested mind while you are away knowing that your home is safe?

Consider the appearance of your house

Your house should not appear to have something very valuable in it. The surroundings of your home should appear as if tight security is put in place. If you do not have the sophisticated alarm systems and other home security system, then fool the strangers or onlookers.

You need to ensure that your air conditioners are secured especially if they are situated near your windows. Another thing to consider is to avoid having glass doors. This will be easy to smash.

Reminders from a burglar

The landscape of your grounds should be fashioned in a way that someone who will break inside your house will have a difficult time concealing themselves. Do not plant shrubs near your windows and doors. Do not construct tall fancy fences.

Ensure that you have lights outside your homes. These should be functional especially during night time.

Before thieves break in and steal, they first survey the neighborhood. They keep tabs on the perfect time to steal; they know when you leave your house for work, etc. It is safer if you have neighbors that do not go to work during the day. This way, the burglars will think twice before breaking into your home.

If your home is equipped with a security system, do not flaunt which particular type of security system your house has. Burglars will have an idea how to disable that type of system. It is safer to place a generic sticker on your door or gate.

It is also advised that you get a dog. The noises that it makes when intruders come into your home could be life saving.

Your house should appear less attractive to become a target to burglars. It may not be totally break-in proof, at least make look like it does not have much valuables in it.