Hot Tech Trends For 2016 And Onwards

Ericsson 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2016 has released its findings complied from surveys and studies. The report made by the Swedish tech company on the broadest trend is representative of 1.1 billion people across 24 countries while the narrowest trend is representative of 46 million smartphone owners from 10 major cities.

The report found out that more teenagers today watch YouTube than other age groups. Part of the report said that consumers what their time to be more productive even while in transit. On the other hand, most of the people surveyed believe that hacking will remain to be a threat in the future. The survey also revealed that four out of five are living a lifestyle that is heavily influenced by the internet. One out of two have accounts in social media sites while one in three participate in something like sharing economy with a third subscribing to multiple chat and instant messaging services. Of course, most of these services are online.

The most interesting revelation includes sensors because consumers expect that they will eventually have internal sensors to measure well-being as well as sensors that can be installed on the walls for a next generation smart home. Half of smartphone users think that internal sensors are going to be the new wearables that will augment sensory perception and cognitive ability with technology while those who predict home sensors believe that the internet will regulate air quality, ventilation and windows including the monitoring of molds and construction errors.

The report means that people have to rethink the concept of a smart home where the internet is as intrinsic as plumbing and electrical installations. At least 65% of smartphone owners are interested on emergency apps that will provide factual and reliable information during a disaster. They also believed that a few years from now, emergency centers can be contacted through social media instead of 911.

Some of the trends are surprising but it worth thinking about because it is the direction where technology is going. Small businesses like electrical Perth need to be aware of these trends because it will affect their communication and interaction with customers.