Hotel Technology That Guests Expect And Appreciate


Working with hotel fitouts in Canberra will ensure that the job gets done according to requirements. The right look for a hotel is based on careful planning and maximization of available space including the right combination of furniture, equipment and décor. A team of experienced designers will ensure that the hotel interior will be completed according to schedule and budget.

However, aside from visual aesthetics and functionality, hoteliers must also consider technologies like robots, facial recognition apps, virtual reality and augmented reality. There are the technologies that are being developed in many research and development centres to improve the services of the hospitality industry. Innovations in hotel space plus bells and whistles to guest rooms can provide a different experience to guests.

Before incorporating technology in a hotel, it is important to consider how it works as well as the implications of adoption. There are experts that suggest that less human contact is generally better particularly when it comes to meetings and conferences but actually technology will not be able to replace the way humans cater to the hotel’s guests needs. Technology can enhance hotel experience but it cannot replace humans.

However, if there is one example of technology that hotels can’t do without, it is Wi-Fi. Internet in hotels used to be a novelty but today, it is a requirement. On the other hand, hotel guests can be irritated with slow connection. They also expect that internet connectivity will come free because they are bringing a range of devices and want to be productive.

Wi-Fi is integrated into hospitality industry because it is what guests expect. However, there are other technology tools like Amazon Echo that is used in upscale rooms at Wynn Las Vegas. At the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas, there is a text-based chatbox concierge named Rose which was programmed to have a little attitude to excite guests.

Many hotels want a visually impressive array of functional sections and departments so that they opt for hotel fitouts in Canberra to achieve their goals. Similar to other commercial spaces, hotels must make their guests comfortable and happy with the right selection of furniture and décor that is arranged according to available space.