How Innovations In Junk Removal Can Make It A Lucrative Industry

It is very rare for people to connect junk hauling with technology. However, in the last few years, several steps have been undertaken to improve the management of junk disposal into the 21st century. The world today is getting very crowded with an average person producing at least 4 and half pounds of waste every day. Technology has to step in so that landfills will not be overwhelmed with Coke bottles and plastic debris.

One technology that can make junk hauling business more efficient is the near-infrared spectroscopy that can capture subtle differences in polymer compositions in order to provide a more efficient and quick method of material identification. Sorting of plastic is time consuming and labor intensive but with a huge scanner, it will speed up the task. Near-infrared spectroscopy can identify the fingerprints of various plastics to eliminate the process of sorting.

Waste into unused energy is something that you will possibly read in a sci-fi book. People believe that there is hardly any potential energy in solid waste. Nevertheless, companies have started to develop a process that makes use of different methods to produce synthesis gas or syngas that can be transformed to diesel, methane or methanol. By using electricity, companies have managed to convert approximately one ton of solid waste into an equivalent barrel of oil.

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a technology used in airports to handle baggage and track goods. If RFID is used by junk hauling companies, they can track when and where pickups are currently being done, the routes being taken, who is recycling and how often it is done.

A recent method of minimizing the bulk of food waste by removing water and allowing bacteria to eat whatever waste is left behind is a very effective process that is currently undergoing pilot phases and trials. The use of bacteria is not new but what is revolutionary is the amount of waste that can be eaten away.

Junk removal can be profitable with all the new technology that is being introduced to make it more efficient. It is time for companies to realize that waste management can be a lucrative industry.