How Technology Changed The Way That Logistics Work

Technology has certainly changed the way that specialist logistics solutions work. Improved technology has benefitted different areas of the logistics industry from trucking to international transport, supply chain management and shipment tracking. Technology has addressed the need of consumers for immediate access to information.

In the past, when consumers booked shipments, they would receive an estimated date of delivery. If they need more information, they had to make a call. Today, advances in the internet and software development allowed customers 24/7 shipping and tracking systems. User experience is enhanced while logistics providers save on time and money.

A shipment tracking system like Shapiro 360 provides customers with a shipment tracking system that allows them to monitor and manage shipments. It also includes shipment notifications and messages, customized reporting and customer accounts with information that is specific to the cargo destined to them.

Almost everything is connected today because of the Internet of Things (IoT). The logistics sector has taken advantage of the opportunities provided by IoT for the supply chain like reduction in costs and delays. Sensors are installed into cabs, cargo ships and trains and connected to an alarm system or dispatcher that monitors tracking.

RFIS technology is not new because it is already being used by companies to track their inventory. A tag or sensor is placed on a product so that radio waves can be sent out. The data will be received and processed by the company. Another example of technology is barcodes that have become rather popular among businesses.

In today’s world, a customer can receive a package from an unmanned aerial vehicle. This breakthrough in technology can enhance efficiency in the delivery process. Amazon has recently announced that drones can deliver packages right to the doorstep; however, with regulatory measures and associated costs, drone deliveries are still are few years out.

One of the benefits that customers can expect from specialist logistics solutions is the consistent high level of service across the network. An end-to-end solution is guaranteed with full transparency of the order through the central management of all order-related data. It is assured that your product will be available at the selected destination on the scheduled time and specification.