How Technology Is Manipulated To Perpetuate Sexual Assault

Technology has become a part of daily life in every aspect and the assault lawyer is no exception. There are many offenders who misuse technology to commit sexual assault. The digital trail left by the offender is often used to hold them accountable. Survivors also use technology to ensure privacy and safety and support the healing process.

In most cases of sexual assault, the sex offender is known by the survivor. Sex offenders take advantage of the trust within social groups, communities, schools, workplaces and healthcare settings. The sex offenders manipulate trust to easily gain access to the victim and avoid being accountable for their actions.

Offenders misuse technology to perpetuate sexual assault by misusing messages and online communities including databases to obtain information or plan an attack. They threaten to share an embarrassing information or image to affect an employment status. Surveillance cameras can be misused to monitor or humiliate a victim or cover up an assault.

If the survivor opts to be involved in the legal system in the wake of an assault, or to participate in their personal public life, they may be risking their privacy. Most cases of sexual assault often generate distressing comments on the news and social media even if the identity of the victim is protected. Once the victim’s anonymity is compromised, she often becomes the target of online harassment and other retaliatory acts.

Online spaces have become the platform of different beliefs and attitudes. There are those who support rape culture through memes, viral posts and revenge porn sites. Victims are blamed for their use of technology even if they have the right to access technology through their mobile devices and computers.

At the same time, online spaces are also being used by online advocates and support groups to counter rape culture through increased awareness, intervention and more.

Being charged with sexual assault can be very humiliating and stressful. Instead of feeling helpless and worried, call an assault lawyer for legal advice. An experienced lawyer can help you avoid being falsely and incorrectly charged or sent to prison even if you are innocent of the charge. Your bail application will be prepared and presented properly before focusing on the issues that need to be addressed.