How To Generate More Customer Reviews


Most customers may have a good experience with a brand but they won’t make the effort to find out where to submit a review or rate the business. Businesses must make it as easy as possible for customers to share their personal experiences with the brand by sending them a direct link to major review sites or to the profile page. 

Happy customers are willing to provide a business with a high rating but the review process must be as simple and easy as possible to encourage the customer to take action. Customers always anticipate a personalized email that says “Thank you” for the purchase but they will be less likely to forget a business that makes a follow-up through phone or a handwritten letter asking for their feedback directly. Aside from opening up the lines of communication, a personalized follow-up will add a personal touch to their experience.

Incentivizing a customer to post a review is not allowed however, a business can show its appreciation to a customer’s feedback by responding appropriately. Reviews can also be shared on social media and tagging the customer who wrote it. This will make the customer feel good about himself. When consumers see how a business treats its customers, they are encouraged to try the same experience.

Going the extra mile with customer service creates a lasting impression on clients. This encourages them to write favourable King Kong advertising reviews that they can share with others who are searching for a digital marketing agency. The review provides useful information that can help in making a confident decision.