Increasing Organic Search Traffic Through Customer Reviews


There are customers who have something good to say about the business, its products and services. They are more likely to share their views on the website if you provide them with a space for their feedback. If not, customers will go to social media platforms or third-party review sites to share their opinions with others.

When reviews are posted on the business website, it increases the amount of organic search traffic and prompts more customers to leave their feedback. Happy customers are more likely to leave a review on the website and share their thoughts on as many platforms as possible to increase the multi-channel footprint.

Increasing online visibility means encouraging customers to talk about the brand. Social media is a critical component of a business’s online presence because it is the place where people converse about brands and their experiences. The name of the brand will likely show up when a consumer is making the next purchase decision.

Studies have revealed that online reviews impact the bottom-line. Brands that have gained favourable reviews are viewed in a positive light by consumers and allows them to generate more sales. By improving the star rating, the business benefits from increased conversions, order sizes and repeat orders. If people like what they read, they would gladly open their wallets.

More than simply posting a king kong marketing agency review, clients expect the digital marketing agency to respond to their comments. The review page of the website will serve as forum where a company can be frank with its clients and reinforce their positive review with appreciation.