Industrial Cleaning Using Ice Cubes As Blast Media

Comprehensive and efficient industrial cleaning in Sydney can be guaranteed through advanced cleaning methods and equipment. Cleaning is quickly and efficiently provided without compromising business assets and operations or risking worker’s health and safety. Cleaning and sanitation solutions can be customized to suit the industry’s requirements.

Most refineries, marinas and industrial plants use dry ice which is dangerous and expensive for their cleaning operations. A better option is IceStorm90 an industrial cleaning machine that makes use of crushed ice cubes as blast media. A large industrial complex can be efficiently cleaned using only 1/10 of the water consumed by pressure washers. The cleaning machine does not require dry ice, sand or chemicals.

IceStorm90 that was developed by Canadian company Coulson Ice Blast is an environmentally-friendly option that large manufacturers can use to save them a considerable amount of money. The technology can certainly change the way cleaning is done because it literally saves water from going down the drain. It only consumes a fraction of the water that is normally consumed by other cleaning equipment.

The machine makes use of 3 phases of ice during blasting. The first phase which is the solid phase knocks off contaminants with maximum impulse while scrubbing the surface. The second phase is liquid phase that dissolves and washes away iconic compounds and suppresses dust. The third phase is the vapour phase that evaporates to make sure that only minimal residue is left.

Upon impact with the surface, most of the ice will melt and turn to mist so that the blasted particles will become heavy and damp. They will then be dragged to the ground so that low levels of airborne contaminants will be left. The process will make cleaning a lot easier. When pressure washing is used, it leaves behind waste media that has to be cleaned up.

No matter what category your industry belongs to industrial cleaning in Sydney will make sure to oversee all aspects of sanitation. A range of cleaning services is readily provided for factories, warehouses, engineering plants, food production, car parks and transport logistics maintenance. Advanced level of cleaning will be delivered with consistent high standards of quality.