Innovations In The Logistics Sector


The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the importance of supply chains and logistics operations. Logistics and trucking companies like Titan Transline have been on the front line of the pandemic. Essential supplies continued to move in spite of significant transport disruptions, restrictions on movement and dramatic volatility. Complications have also forced the logistics industry to innovate.

According to a report from DHL Logistics Trend Radar, trends that could change logistics in the future are strongly focused on technology. Gina Chung, VP of innovation for the Americas at DHL said that trends like automation, analytics and real-time visibility have accelerated due to the coronavirus pandemic and pressures from global supply chains.

The report from Trend Radar is one of the ways that people foresee the future of supply chains and understand the importance of leveraging on the trend to ensure resilience in the future. Some of the innovations in the logistics sector like robotics and automation were proven useful during the pandemic when social distancing measures were implemented.

The significant growth of ecommerce resulted to labour shortages in fulfilment facilities; however, the challenge was overcome with the use of robotics in trailer unloading. Logistics companies complied with contactless operations to mitigate the risks of the coronavirus. They used different delivery options like parcel lockers, autonomous delivery robots and in-app signature software. Fixed presentation scanners were adopted by logistics facilities so that personnel do not have to touch items like handheld scanners.

In order to address the needs for personal protective equipment, logistics companies turned to 3D printers and wearable technologies like smart glasses and augmented reality solutions. Years before the pandemic, logistics companies were already innovating through advanced analytics and Internet of Things solutions. Globalization, volatility and disruptive technological investments have driven the logistics industry to adopt changes. They know that they need to be sustainable in preparation for the future.

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