Introducing The 5 Fastest Ferraris Of All Time


Ferrari had first started in Maranello, Italy way back in 1928. This was when Ferrari founder and namesake, Enzo Ferrari, founded a company that would sponsor race car drivers. Using the name Scuderia Ferrari, translated as Ferrari Stable or Team Ferrari, they sponsored many amateur drivers in Modena that used Alfa Romeo cars. Soon after, Enzo Ferrari was hired by Alfa Romeo to lead their motor racing department. But it was in the 1940s that Ferrari had began building its own cars and after that the rest history.

Over the years, Ferrari had been known to produce high-end luxury sports cars like the Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari La Ferrari and the new Ferrari 488 Dubai, but out of all the models that they have produced in the past 70 years, which models are the fastest?

Now, when it comes to speed, you would have to distinguish between street legal Ferrari cars and the cars they had built for the race track. While street legal cars may be very fast, the fact that they had to abide by street laws restricts the speed they are allowed to reach that is why speed is more focused on race cars with no restrictions whatsoever.

Here are the 5 fastest Ferraris ever made.

  1. Ferrari 288 GTOEvoluzione. This car could hit a top speed of 225 mph and only five of were ever built from this model and all of this five are still alive and well today, one of which is on display in the Maranello engine manufacturing facility.
  2. Ferrari F50 GT. With a top speed reaching 235 mph, the Ferrari F50 GT is the 4th fastest Ferrari car ever made. Only three cars of this model were sold to the public which includes the prototype and two others specially built for private buyers.
  3. Ferrari FXX Evolution (Evoluzione). Only three of these cars were ever built thus making it a rare breed. The Ferrari FXX Evolution can reach a top speed of 240 mph, this car can adapt to the driver’s driving style.
  4. Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution Edo Competition. The second fastest Ferrari car, the Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution can reach a top speed of 242 mph and it accelerates 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.
  5. Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution Edo Competition. The fastest Ferrari car ever built, this car was miraculous development from the Enzo XX after ZahirRana crashed it into the sea during the 2011 Targa Newfoundland. It reaches a top speed 245 mph and accelerates 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds.