Looking At The Power Of Online Reviews


Online reviews offer great, meaningful content that brands can use to market themselves. They’re also free, in the sense that they only require time and effort from organisations, not money. When someone gets a great King Kong advertising review, they’re getting meaningful and relatable content from customers, which does a lot of useful things at the same time.

Reviews matter

  • Data from BIA/Kelsey and ConStat stated that 97% of people refer to reviews before dealing with local businesses. Additionally, 90% of people who saw online reviews stated that the positive reviews swayed their decisions.
  • SearchEngineLand’s data says that 87% of people refuse to deal with businesses with low scores, in the 1-2 star range.
  • Harvard Business School’s data shows that every star boosts revenue by 5-9%.

Negative reviews aren’t all bad

Data from Spiegel Research Centre notes that customers don’t trust businesses with a perfect rating, as it looks too good to be true. People see negative reviews as a sign of a business’ authenticity. Additionally, negative reviews can be opportunities to foster loyalty and build relationships with customers.

Power Reviews’ data says that 82% of customers will look for and read through negative reviews. This is important, as data from BrightLocal says that 89% of people look at how businesses respond to reviews to see how they handle criticism and how they treat customers.

The catch

Businesses get bad reviews: that’s inescapable. They’re to be embraced, however, as they give businesses insight on what aspects of their operations need improving.

That being said, there will always be cases where customers leave negative reviews for things that aren’t really relevant or aren’t actually pertinent to the business, like when people use reviews to attack a business.

What matters in the long run for a business is that it continues to improve; eventually, these fake reviews will be weeded out and cast aside.