Must Know Scientific Discoveries And Inventions


The news that one hears on the radio or sees on the television is packed with negativism. Bombings, suicide attacks, kidnappings, hi jacking and civil wars- these are just a few of what media give us daily. For a moment, forget about these fatalities and celebrate positive news.

Scientists are constantly seeking new discoveries and creating new inventions. Here are some of the mind blowing inventions and discoveries that they made.

Solar roadways

A company in San Francisco developed a way to make ordinary roadways to solar roadways. Mother Nature will surely be jubilant of this news. This means that lesser nonrenewable energy will be used daily which will in turn reduce unhealthy gas emissions.

Solar Plane

Last June 2014, a solar plane made its first fly in Switzerland. This plane will save petroleum and would lessen air pollution.

Car fueled by cooking oil

This is just amazing. A British company launched a sports car that could travel more than 3,000 kilometers on a tank filled with cooking oil.

Shoes that will make you walk on the ceiling

This super cool stuff was inspired by X-men heroes. Last May 2014, a British inventor made into public these amazing shoes that would make it possible for you to walk on the ceiling. It was made possible by electromagnetism.

Power from wastes

Did you ever wonder if the wastes that you flush daily in your toilet could be of good use to you? It is. A company in Washington was able to generate power which was harnessed from the wastes from homes. It produced 150 megawatts electricity which gave power to at least thousands of homes.

Water: A Mobile phone charger

Last year, scientists from MIT created a metal plate device that would condense water droplets and while contacting with the metal plates; it would produce electric charges that could be used to charge mobile phones.

These are out of the world inventions by scientists. Who knows what the next discovery may be? It could be a packaging of a product made from water droplets or some packaging made from banana peels.

The world has since evolved and one only hopes for better innovations.