New Technology Is Changing Digital Marketing

Technology’s always moving forward, which, in turn, means that industries have to adapt to keep up. Certain industries are affected more than most, and among those is digital marketing; the clue’s in the name, folks. All those sparkling reviews of digital marketing firms, like many a kingkong com au review, all hide the effort that was undertaken to ensure that their digital marketing campaigns were updated and up-to-par.

With the increasing commonness of mobile devices and wearables, brands have to find the most effective ways to connect to their audiences via these devices and deliver relevant marketing efforts that people will actually be interested in.

Of course, the flip side is that throwing all of a company’s resources at the newest technology might not be the best call; not putting your eggs into a basket, and all that. Businesses need to adapt their marketing efforts to the changing needs of customers by making the most of the newest developments in technology to provide more personalized communication.

Here is a look at some of the new technologies affecting the digital marketing industry.

Mobile marketing

Not necessarily new, a lot of forward-thinking companies have already adapted mobile responsiveness to their developments, particularly web design. That being said, there’s always room to improve, with studies suggesting that retail conversion rates on mobile are lower than what desktop has. Google, for its part, has begun further emphasizing good mobile experiences, which has made mobile development more attractive, in turn.

Video marketing

Cisco says that video will be the ‘big boy’ of internet traffic, predicting that volume will likely go up by 4x in a 5-year timespan. If that is indeed the case, then businesses that can make effective video marketing campaigns; those who use memorable videos in their sites, landing pages, social media profiles, and the like, are not only in a good position but ready for the future as well.

Personalized content

Content is key for any marketing campaign. Especially for digital marketing, as blogs require very personalized and meaningful content. As online marketing changes, so too does the content that’s used for it. These changes reflect in digital marketing campaigns, and many a kingkong com au review; more and more people are seeing the value in personalization, in creating content that actively caters to the wants and needs of customers.