Not All Printers Have The Capability To Print On Canvas

One of the most recent options used in interior design is large canvas prints or images that are printed on canvas and then stretched or wrapped over a wooden frame. A few years ago, printing on canvas was not possible but with the introduction of HP Designjet printers, people now have the option of a wall art that is not too heavy and expensive.

Not all HP Designjet printers are designed for canvas printing. The printers used for large canvas prints have heavier media of approximately 280gsm to 430gsm. Printers used for universal bond or bright white paper of about 80gsm to 90gsm have a different quality build. For example, a Designjet T520 has a manual feed roll capable of printing weights from 60 to 280gsm whereas the Designjet Z2 100 has the capability to print on weights of up to 500gsm.

If the printer is not designed for thicker media, the cutter blunts after a few prints. The X motor drives the cutter and if there is increased friction and lack of motor power, the motor can burn out very quickly and need a replacement. If you have a Designjet printer that is not specifically designed for canvas printing, disengage the cutter and manually cut the print from the roll.

Most technical printers frequently use dye-based inks that are neither waterproof or UV stabilized. After a few months, you will notice that the image is fading due to exposure to sunlight. Printers for large canvas prints use pigment-based inks that are waterproof, UV stabilized and guaranteed to last as long as 200 years without fading.

Most of the large format prints have been designed to be viewed from afar. It is not likely for people to inspect the print closely. Magazines, books and posters are printed between 266 to 300 dpi while newspapers about 170 dpi. Billboards which are designed to be viewed from a far distance are usually printed between 10 and 20 dpi. The human eye will not see any difference due to the distance. The dots per inch or dpi are very critical when choosing the canvas printer so that the quality and clarity of the image will not be compromised.