Providing Hotel Guests With An Exceptional Experience Through Technology


The goal of boutique hotel in Sukhumvit is customer satisfaction that will exceed their expectations. The hotel is also looking for the latest technology innovations to improve the efficiency of its operations and at the same time, provide guests with an exceptional hotel stay. Truth is, the hospitality industry is quite slow in adopting innovations even if technology is advancing at a fast pace.

Messaging and chat services are communication channels that many hotel guests are comfortable with. The technology is now being adopted by some hotels to provide a good service experience. It is not personal or pushy if a hotel guest conveys his wishes to the staff through the smartphone.

Mobile technology is deeply embedded into people’s daily lives. Guests want to take over the control of their hotel experience. Offering free Wi-Fi is no longer enough because customers want to book their rooms, find travel information and control every detail of their journey through their mobile devices. As a result, guests want mobile technology to be integrated into their hotel experience.

Another piece of technology that is ubiquitous in everyday life is streaming. Hotels should understand that their guests do not appreciate watching soap operas in a language that is strange to them. Neither will they listen to news that they do not understand. With Netflix, Amazon and Hulu streaming services, guests can stream content to their mobile devices directly to the 60-inch HD television. Yes, indeed, this is a perfect way to spend the hours after sightseeing.

Marriot was one of the first hotels to sign an agreement with Netflix so that their guests can stream their own content after logging to their account on the Wi-Fi connected widescreen television. At the end of the day, hotels have the option to choose the kind of technology that will enhance their guest’s experience.

The perfect location of boutique hotel in Sukhumvit is one of the factors that are very attractive to travellers. The BTS Asoke sky train and MRT Sukhumvit Station are just 2 minutes walking distance away. Tourist attractions, luxury shopping malls, nightlife and entertainment areas are close by.