Russia Welcomes Funeral Service Similar To Uber


There is no denying that technology has really made things easier for us regular individuals especially the introduction of transportation network services such as Grab and Uber. These services are not only used to transport people from one place to another but it is also used as a courier or messenger. The beauty of it is that it continues to expand into other services. The most current will surprise funeral directors in Sydney because it is now available for personal funeral services.

This is a modern take to the postmortem transportation people are used to. The app is named Umer and grieving families in Russia can use the technology to plan the funerals of their family member who passed away. All they need is a smartphone in order to access the app.

The innovative mobile application was launched last year offer various services such as hearse rides but it also provides a list people need during funeral planning such as local funeral directors and cemeteries. They can also have information on prices of the different services.

Umer requires information such as the name of the deceased, the date of death, address as well as religion. The app will then match an operator who will arrange everything including the necessary paper works for the funeral to go through.

Before the release of the application, many Russians are quick to critic because they think that this new manner of funeral planning is considered to be lacking in lass and does not have much taste.

Aside from those observations, the name of the service Umer is quite similar to the well-known transportation network service Uber. The logo used by Umer is also said to resemble the logo of the rise service.

The developer of the application clarified that the Russian word Umer means “he is dead” in English. The function of the application is also backed by the local government in Russia. This is a glimpse to the future of the funeral industry and it will not be surprising if funeral directors in Sydney will soon follow the modern trend if it is convenient and more efficient to the client.