Security In The Technologically Advanced World


The rise of technology has paved way for communication to become more feasible and easier. You can now communicate with a loved one on the other side of the globe immediately. Using mobile phones, you simply dial the number, wait for that ring and then hear your friend’s voice on the other line. You can also make use of applications online. You can even view them as you exchange conversations. Thru social media, you are also to freely communicate with people. You can chat with your friends online or exchange messages through mails.

With the advent of technology, one can now do things that seemed impossible decades ago. But how can one be certain that your conversations and messages are kept confidential? Can you be guaranteed of a secure line when you communicate with other people online or thru phone?

Trust is a key factor

According to an online survey, security online is a global issue. As users of modern technology, trust is the main factor when they communicate. They trust that in their gadgets and applications used to allow them to communicate securely. They also trust that the person whom they are communicating with is their intended recipient. People online also trust their communication line is not being tracked down, recorded or monitored.

Encrypting communication

By properly encrypting one’s device, security is achieved better. However, people find it difficult to encrypt communication. There are no concrete guides on how to do this. Another problem is the incompatibility of devices with encrypting applications. Encrypting messages is a complicated subject matter for most people and it takes time to learn this.

What users want

According to the survey, people emphasized the need for the following:

  • Information regarding what happens when people communicate online
  • Improved tools and communication system and proper guidance on how to use these
  • Information resources on the internet need to be trustworthy

You may not certain whether your communication lines are secured. However, you still proceed to make that communication. The need to communicate is greater than the threats that it poses. One could only hope for that the communication lines are not monitored.