SEO Is A Long Game, And Here Are A Few Reasons Why


‘Good things come to those who wait’ might not look applicable to an industry like digital marketing, where the field is always in flux and changes always happen, but for SEO, it works.

Good SEO demands deliberation, patience, and consistency to cultivate and maintain. Here are a few reasons why SEO is a long game.

Building page authority takes a while

Search engines are somewhat unclear when it comes to the factors that affect organic search result rankings.

Data shows that sites that have been around longer do a bit better though, as they have quality content and backlinks to back them up. Backlinks, links to other sites, from credible, trustworthy sources tell search engines that a site and its content are trustworthy.

Obviously, these take a while to build up.

There are a lot of things that play into SEO.

SEO is built up from on-page, off-page, and technical, which all come together to really create good SEO.

On-page is from page titles, meta descriptions, and anything on your site, while off-page covers your brand’s social media profile, as well as any backlinks.

Meanwhile, technical SEO is all about crawling and indexes, user experience, and how your site is built.

All of these things take a while to be built up, so it’s important to audit these things regularly.

SEO improvement never stops

SEO doesn’t have an end date. SEO is something that demands constant work and improvement. You might get a good king kong SEO review one day, only to lose it next week, so you should never rest on your laurels.