Super Sight Now Achievable Through The Latest Eye Treatment


Laser eye correction Belfast surgery is now preferred by many in Belfast compared to using correction glasses and contact lenses. Everywhere in the world, more and more people are turning to eye surgery as a solution to their poor eyesight. This is the case of Kate Lonnen who has been suffering from poor vision ever since she was a little kid. It was only recently that she knew about the latest technology that could correct her vision and give her hawk-like eyesight.

This new technology is called the Wavefront Guided Lasik which is the latest in the field of eye surgery. Unlike most methods that only correct short sight, this is capable of mapping out the cornea and make corrections in every flaw detected, even the slightest. With the help of Wavefront Guided Lasik, a person can have super sight which is twice better compared to a perfect vision. A person who has the super sight will be able to read letters that are 3/8 inch small in a distance of 40 feet compared to perfect eyesight who can only read it at a maximum distance of 20 feet.

For someone like Kate, the surgery changed her whole world. Wavefront’s accuracy level is way higher compared to the traditional technique used in correcting poor eye sights which can only change the shape of the corner but is not equipped with the latest mapping technology. The Wavefront Analyser is the reason behind the Wavefront’s success. It uses light beams which are then projected to a person’s eye passing through the pupil before it is reflected by the retina which is located at the back. With the help of the returning beam, doctors are able determine even the slightest flaw judging by the shape of the beam.

This technology is the one that helps surgeon to achieve accurate eye mapping. It also enables them to do the needed laser treatment which is accomplished by creating a micro-thin flip over the cornea, exposing the cornea’s bed and the reshaping of the surface with the help of a laser. This method helps refocus the eye but must be done with the highest accuracy possible.

This procedure is not for everyone. Qualification includes good health, over 21 of age and a stable prescription with a minimum of 1 year.